LGHS Parsonage Museum

The Parsonage Museum

The Lemon Grove Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1978, Federal ID#95-3401395. Organizational leadership is provided by a seven member board of directors – all of whom serve without compensation – and a team of dedicated volunteers.

Executive Board

President: Laura J Hook
Secretary: Barbara Soto
Treasurer: Helen Ofield

Vice Presidents

Programs: TBA
Membership: Sarah Lewis

Board Members

Cynthia Hughes Doyle
Roberta Ford Bulling,  Chair, Education/Essay Competitions
Gary S Elbert,  Buildings

Web Team

Architecture & Design: Claire Condra
Content: Claire Condra, Jack Doherty, Helen Ofield, Barbara Soto
Events: Barbara Soto

Museum Docents

Roberta Bulling, Laura Hook, Helen Ofield, Viki Webb, and Carol Weiss, Anna-Marie Castro, Susan Farnsworth,

Other Valued Team Members

Artist in Residence: Kathleen Strzelecki
Exhibit Design: Josie Kane, Brenda Hammond, Laura Hook
Photography: Audrey Hamm, Pedro Bulling
Photo Archive Founder: Pete Smith
Videography: Robert Stuckey
Photoshop: Pedro Bulling
Accountant: Henry Ho
Legal Counsel: Jon Pettis, Esq.
Artifact Detective: Thomas Rosenberger
Archival Volunteers Sarah Lewis, Helen Ofield, Christine Brown, Dominic Cuellar, Jr., Laura Hook
Newsletter Editor: Helen Ofield

If you would like to join our leadership team, please volunteer.