Exhibits Parsonage Museum

Miller Dairy Exhibit currently showing at the Parsonage Museum

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The Parsonage Museum of the Lemon Grove Historical Society presents both long standing exhibits central to the understanding of Lemon Grove history and rotating displays highlighting special topics from our archives and special collections. In this manner we hope to keep our museum fresh and ever changing.

Please visit us for a look back in time in Lemon Grove!

Standing Exhibits

  • The Parson’s Study
  • Art of the Treganzas, Parents’ Room, Sewing Room, Children’s Room (Amorita Treganza Galleries)
  • Recreation (Clabby Gallery)
  • The Story of a Building / The Sonka Store

Rotating Exhibits

2021 Spring/Summer

  • Miller Dairy Remembered (Hunter Gallery)
  • The Harvest 1893-1990s (Smith Gallery)
  • Pioneering Leader in Lemon Grove / Tony Sonka

Past Exhibits

Treganza Family Remembered – a special exhibit to compliment the dedication of Treganza Heritage Park on Oct 9, 2021

  • Restoration and Rebirth – Atherton Chapel to Parsonage Museum
  • A Century of Girl Scout Achievements 1918-2018
  • Miller Dairy Remembered
  • The Art and Wit of Don Porcella
  • In the Garden: New Landscapes by Ed Roxburgh
  • Furnishing Lemon Grove (Smith Gallery)
  • The Good Family:  Legacy of a Lemon Grove Family
  • Tony Sonka:  The Force that Built Lemon Grove
  • Story of the Lemon Grove Post Office
  • Richard DeRosset: Seascapes
  • Kathleen Strzelecki: Faces and Souls
  • Story of Lemon Grove Little League
  • Remembering Lemon Grove’s Movie Theaters: Cinema-Dine, Ace Drive-In, Grove Theatre
  • The Kumeyaay
  • Historic Homes
  • Memories of Chester and Billy (with Friends of the LG Library)
  • Vernon Allen: A Retrospective
  • Domestic Life (The Way We Were)
  • Story of Lemon Grove Schools
  • The Great Lemon Grove Mission Rancho Horse Show & Rodeo (1941 – 1957)
  • Lemon Grove in World War II
  • The Treganza Family in Lemon Grove
  • The Sweating Beast: Plowing the New Town of Lemon Grove
  • Lemon Fruit Packing
  • Remembering Lemon Grove’s Movie Theaters
  • Children’s books & cap pistols (glass counter)