Author: Helen Ofield

LGHS President Laura Hooks Keeps History Alive

Lisa Deaderick, writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune,  interviewed our own Laura Hook. The article focuses on  Laura’s new position as President of the Board for Lemon Grove Historical Society, her love of history, and her announcement of upcoming events centered on the dedication of  the Treganza Heritage Park on October 8 and 9. 

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LGHS Welcomes a New President!

Laura Hook, the president of the Lemon Grove Historical Society, has been a San Diego County resident since infancy and a history buff since age six. Her parents hailed from North Dakota and Minnesota, so when they saw San Diego after WW II, they knew they had found paradise.

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1953: When the Fur Flew – The way we were

In the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic we recall a parallel time in our town replayed here from the pages of the Lemon Grove Review. There was nothing simple about Easter weekend in The Big Lemon when local controversies vied with the Cold War for headline space. L’Affaire Bunny: The Easter Bunny hopped for some 3,000 Lemon Grove kiddies after an eleventh hour save by local business women, spearheaded by Mrs. Robert Browne, who snagged $100 in donations in a single morning.

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The Great Ladies of May – The way we were

In May, 1964 Dr. Amorita Audree Treganza, the pioneering children’s eye doctor, was crowned San Diego’s Woman of the Year in a ceremony held by the President’s Council of Women’s Service Clubs at the Hotel Del Coronado. Honorees were selected for their achievements in business or profession and service to their communities.

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