Laura Hook – President

Current Parsonage Museum Special Exhibit – Miller Dairy Remembered

by Laura Hook


   Once upon a time there were cows in Lemon Grove. All 300 beautiful Holsteins providing award-winning milk (and butter, whipping cream, ice cream and buttermilk) to a grateful public. From 1926 to 1985 our town was a rural-urban enclave. Then huge supermarket chains spelled doom for family dairies like ours. And the Miller offspring became doctors, teachers, lawyers, business people, who weren’t going to milk cows at 4 am  and again at 4 pm. So, with great sorrow, Lemon Grove bid farewell to the 16-acre dairy smack in the middle of town. But it lives on as a pretty development called Miller Ranch–and  it lives as a beautiful, detailed exhibit in the Parsonage Museum, on view through Jan. 30, 2022, Saturdays, 11 am  – 2 pm, and weekdays by appointment for tour groups of eight to 20 between  9:30 am – 1 pm.

Laura Hook
Helen M. Ofield is the president of the Lemon Grove Historical Society. She spearheaded the saving of Lemon Grove's first church (built 1897) and its adaptive reuse as the Parsonage Museum of Lemon Grove, and the saving of the H. Lee House (built 1928) and its adaptive reuse as the city's cultural center. Her civic history, Images of America: Lemon Grove (Arcadia 2010) includes photographic content advised by Pete Smith. She is an award-winning writer-producer for national and local film and television, as well as for print and online news media, a member of the San Diego County Historic Site Board and the Society of Professional Journalists, and a long-time historic preservationist.